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Creating a kinder more compassionate and socially responsible world takes positive social change.  At HumaneEducator.com, we believe that education is best way to create that change.

Humane Education, often referred to as “character education”, encourages a deeper understanding of the need for compassion and kindness with respect for people, animals, and the planet. It helps us to understand the interconnection between people, animals and the environment. Once we have that knowledge, we can make more socially responsible life choices. Socially responsible choices are those that do the most good and the least harm to others.

We want to partner with educators, parents and other concerned citizens to bring humane education to our next generation.  Academic curriculum is important, however, and without training in subjects like resilience, accountability, and compassion, our next generation will never reach their highest calling.

The global community is suffering and it’s time for positive change.


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We Are Committed To Making Humane Education An Essential Part Of Classroom Curriculum – And Our Everyday Lives.



Education is the key to positive change.  We have a variety of programs that will empower educators, encourage parents and inform students about living socially responsible lives. Check out our Programs page for program options.



The program results we are most proud of are the conversations and critical thinking that happens when educators, parents and students sit down to talk about these topics and discover their own ways to take action.  Dialogue is an important element of our programs from our meet-up groups to our podcasts to our lesson plans.


Commitment is key to the success of our programs. We are committed to partnering with educators, parents and students to provide relevant information that is easy to incorporate into daily life.  

Call to Action

Everyone is a teacher whether academically trained or not. Our children learn from our words and behaviours. If you are an eductor, parent, homeschooler or a concerned citizen interested in making a difference, we encourage you to contact us today.

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