Arm teachers with humane education instead of weapons.

There is a new campaign out there known as #ArmMeWith.  The first thing that comes to mind is #ArmMeWithHumaneEducation. Humane Education is the MOST powerful weapon we have in arming teachers in the fight against mass shootings and bullying at school.


While tougher gun control legislation can certainly make a difference, more is needed.  However, we must take a step back to understand how we can identify the underlying issues that push people to resort to such violent acts.

Humane education helps young people make responsible lifestyle choices. It teaches them how to interact with other human beings, animals and the environment.  It helps them to empathize with other living beings.  Humane education helps students learn to feel connected to their environment.  Humane education provides opportunities to develop personal values.  Young people learn to do the most good and the least harm.  Most importantly, humane education helps students to use their knowledge in practical ways.

Teachers are demanding more for their students

Finally, teachers across the country are demanding more for their students.  Teachers want  books, paper, pencils and other basic supplies. These items are critical to a positive learning experience. However, many more teachers are asking to be armed with things like funding for additional counselors and social workers.  Most of all, this funding would meet the mental health needs of their students. They are asking for time to be available to build relationships with students.  Additionally, they want time to teach lessons about kindness and respect.  Most of all, they want space in the daily school schedule to support the development of social-emotional skills.  Finally, they want curriculum that is culturally relevant. More over, teachers never listed guns as something they wanted to arm themselves with.

Arming teachers with humane education gives them back their power

We can meet almost every challenge on the teacher lists by adding humane education to existing school curriculum. As a humane educator, I know that the benefits of humane education in the classroom and at home.  Especially by working together, teachers, students and parents can arm themselves with the knowledge they need to bring humane education to every classroom, home and to the world at large.

Today, we start a new campaign….